So you’re interested in working in the criminal justice system? While you may understand that many careers within this field require a degree in criminal justice, what exact career opportunities do those with a criminal justice degree qualify for? In order to fully answer this question, it’s essential that you understand some careers require different levels of education. For example, some criminal justice careers only require a certificate or associate degree in criminal justice, while others require a bachelor’s degree or a graduate level degree to qualify for employment. Regardless, the criminal justice system offers a wide array of exciting, challenging and rewarding career opportunities for those with an education in criminal justice.

Criminal Justice Degree Career Options

Business Intelligence Analyst

This professional-level career works in the private and government sector to provide market and financial intelligence to help assist in the decision making process. These professionals work closely with data repositories, and utilize their skills to create reports that are essential when it comes to implementing crime prevention tactics or altering public policies. As of 2014, the average salary for this position is $77,000 per year.

Mental Health Counselor

While you may not think a criminal justice degree would prepare you for a career as a counselor, due to its intensive studies on human psychology and behavior, this is an excellent degree for those interested in working as a mental health counselor. These professionals work with individuals or groups to help prevent issues pertaining to mental health. Topics generally include addiction, substance abuse, self-esteem issues and stress management techniques. Generally, those who hold a criminal justice degree will work in correctional facilities as their mental health counselor. The average annual salary for this position is just over $46,000 per year.

Police Officer

Working as a police officer gives you a direct window into your community. If you truly wish to make a difference by fighting back against crime to make your community safer, then this is the career option for you. These professionals generally require a certificate or degree in criminal justice as well as completion of a police training academy. The average salary for police officers is $48,000 per year.

Probation Officer

If you wish to directly work with those who are released from a correctional facility, then a career as a probation officer may be your ideal career. These professionals monitor the actions of parolees who were recently released from a correctional facility. Within the duties of this job, you’ll hold a direct influence on how these individuals adjust to life outside of the correctional facility by helping secure specialized treatment programs. The average salary for these professionals is just over $47,000 per year.