Since the dawn of civilizations, there has been a need for a criminal justice system. Unfortunately, as humans progresses, so did the desire to commit crimes. Due to the massive growth of our culture and civilization, the criminal demographic has expanded. While the need for criminal justice is vital on many levels, what exactly does this industry consist of, and moreover, why is it a truly important function of our society? If you’re interested in pursuing a criminal justice degree, understanding that criminal justice is vital may be the most important element of your studies.

Criminal Justice is defined as the determination of rights and protection of these rights based upon local and federal laws. When applied to our society, criminal justice is one that ensures fairness and equality for all citizens according to the laws and statutes this system upholds. Without a fully functioning criminal justice system, our entire civilization would degrade into anarchy. Various studies have found that if there was no criminal justice system, the “strong” would steal and take advantage of the “weak,” and the wealthiest within a civilization would have the right to create the laws, which benefit them and hurt the disenfranchised.

Those who founded the United States of America understood the danger associated with a loosely based criminal justice system. It was with this understanding they joined together and created a portion of the Constitution that pertains to how the criminal justice system should operate.

The foundation of the entire criminal justice system is based upon our Constitution. Due to this importance, the Judicial Branch was created and carried out to not only interpret the various statutes within the Constitution, but to enforce these laws and regulations. It’s with the belief that every person, regardless of age, race, wealth or social class receives the same protection under the law.

As a criminal justice student, you’re carrying on this tradition. Throughout your studies, you learn not only the law, but how the criminal justice system integrates these laws into the lives of citizens. It’s with the work you do that innocent people avoid incarceration and those who truly need help from the government receive the assistance they require. Without our criminal justice system, the foundation and fabric of our society would crumble. So, when you’re sitting in class and the fingertips of boredom begin to inch into your mind, remember the importance and value the subject you’re studying has on the very operation of our country.